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How to distinguish smart cards, IC cards, ID cards and magnetic cards?

Smart card, also known as IC card, is a readable and writable chip card. According to the different storage capacity is divided into different types of chips, now use most types of chips are PHILPS S50, PHILPS S70, FM1108 AT24C64, AT24C04 Shanghai, commonly used chip, with the development of the market, the use amount of IC card in gradually replace the traditional membership card, card and bar. The IC card only so will be widely used, because the IC card and ID card, magnetic card, bar code card compared with greater security, the IC card chip has a password module, the password can write inside, through password verification to read card information, greatly enhance the security of the card.

ID is a read-only card chip card, chip inside information is written in advance of the sequence number, the sequence number is the world's only serial number, serial number read-only and cannot be modified, so the use of ID card in the software, just try ID inside the card number for identification, to membership information is stored in the local computer or server, the principle and the difference between the magnetic stripe card, the main difference is the use of different behaviors, ID card reading information induction type magnetic card is read information card, ID card chip, not easy to damage, easy degaussing magnetic stripe card.

The magnetic stripe card and bar code card trial principle is basically the same, are read through the information card, the member information is stored in the local computer or server, but is different with the magnetic stripe card magnetic stripe storage card, barcode card printer to print the barcode is through to the card, and then through the scanning gun identification. Magnetic cards and bar code cards are of the lowest security. You can always copy a new magnetic stripe card at any time. The only advantage is the low cost