RFID Solution

RF technology for RFID TAG

The advantages of RFID system is the most important non-contact identification, it can penetrate the snow, fog, ice, paint, dirt and bar code can not be used in harsh environment to read labels and read fast, in most cases less than 100 milliseconds. The ability to sketch an active RFID system is also an important advantage. Can be used for process tracking and maintenance tracking and other interactive services.

The major problem that restricts the development of RFID systems is incompatible standards. The main manufacturers of RFID system are provided for system, lead to the different types of frequency and protocol of different applications and different industries, this confusion and separatist situation has restricted the whole RFID industry growth. Many European and American organizations are working to solve the problem and have made some achievements. Standardization will stimulate the wide development and wide application of radio frequency identification technology.