RFID Solution

RFID drug store sales management solutions

In order to facilitate the management of drugs more convenient, through the use of RFID technology in the drug on the label, to provide long-range identification function, the proposed use of 915MHz operating frequency of the device. To ensure that the sample out of storage management and counter sales management, 915MHz tag advantage is to read the distance is relatively far, you can operate in the distance of 2 meters notes information.

  1. Solution

    Through the drug carton and single box attached to the ultra-high frequency passive electronic tags can be completed on the drug warehouse entry and sales management. Using RFID technology can help save you time and improve your productivity. This technology enables drug information to flow effectively between the worker's computer equipment and your core business system. The company provides advanced RF data acquisition capabilities for wired warehouse management and wired or wireless local area network (WLAN) to speed up data transfer and optimize your warehouse access and sales management.

  2. Drug storehouse management

    A.First in the drug goods before packing, the label affixed to a single box, and according to the drug name, model, specifications, origin, brand name, packaging, etc. divided into the varieties of drug goods, labeled in the RFID tag on the box, so Can be used in the only tracking of drugs on the packaging management. And at the same time in the outer box also paste the corresponding label, the outer box label record box all the basic information of the drug box. After the box placed into the corresponding location of the Treasury, and do a good job location records.


    B.In the sale of drugs out of the library, according to the order under the sales department to find the appropriate location of the warehouse box, through the card reader to read the information inside the RF RF card to verify whether the library is correct. Such as the normal out of the library.

    C.Counter sales through the reader to read the RFID box on the drug box to confirm whether the drug sales are correct. And in the background software records sales information.

    D.Backstage system management: through the paste on the drug RFID tags, you can for each drug out of the library, storage, disk library, library library, library, collected the appropriate data. Backstage system in accordance with the collection of data to complete the drug warehouse into the goods, sales management.

  3. System Components

    The system consists of high frequency active electronic tags and card readers, computers, system software and so on.