RFID Solution

RFID Solution of Garment Management

System Description

The management model of Informatization and Intelligent has been the leading part for survival of garment enterprises. Currently,the most of garment enterprises have a lagging informatization development. They can not find out and process in time while the the issue was happening. Then it bring about lagging on many links.In the same time,tratraditional manage can not grasp in the situation of products sale.Result in the warehouse overstock a number of unsalable clothing. So that reduce profit and increase the risk for clothing enterprises.


Now RFID technology have abtain more and more attention in the application of garment enterprises. As the business leaders realized that we can improve the transparency of supply chain management and inventory turnover through the application of RFID technology.Otherwise they have a clear understanding of the current inventory and effectively reduce the loss of stock, but also enhance the store's consumer experience.



System composition


The garment RFID solution devide into 3 parts.


Production management


Inventory management


Store management



What RFID can do for garment?

1. Reduce the cost of goods, reliable access management.

2. Smart inventory, to prevent loss and intelligent replenishment.

3. High efficiency, high accuracy of picking.

4. Strengthen internal control, improve shopping process.

5. Improve the brand image, intelligent integrated management.