RFID Solution

RFID Solution of Golf

System Description

Every golf course in the world has a different landscape, and each fairway transformation can also give golf enthusiasts a different experience! In the course of the movement is always with a variety of uncertainties, want to play golf? Practice it is necessary homework. For golf beginners because of the action is not in place, brought back the symptoms such as low back pain is normal.

RFID label will let golf players get more accurate sports data. Including a GPS, mobile sensor, Bluetooth and NFC function box (used in the waist), mobile APP and NFC logo ball care. Every time the swing, seeking precision alone, shooting distance, location, the relevant score can be viewed on the iPhone to facilitate the comparison of the two rounds. It is still difficult to share the pleasure of golf. With Game Golf, you can use the NFC-tagged golf ball to track the game, share the results online, measure, play more, and attract more people.




System Summary

RFID tags are devices that monitor the data of golf balls through NFC (near field communication technology). Is a device with GPS, mobile sensing, Bluetooth and NFC features. Users use the phone to download our design of the APP, the use of NFC tag with the ball when the time, put the phone on the waist, the ball pressing the ball care, when the ball off the ball care (athletes swing), then the ball will send A signal to the phone, record the swing of the relevant data such as fairway, hit distance, location and so on. Finally, NFC tags can be used to optimize the behavior of athletes.


The benefits of RFID use in Golf.

1.Capture the real-time data of the swing, improve the swing posture and strength

2.Accurately calculate club speed, club position, swing rhythm and swing trajectory to help improve swing levels and skills.

3.Show the current swing curvature animation, coherence, rhythm, backward swing time, downward swing time, face angle and more.