RFID Solution

RFID Solution of Warehouse Management

System description

The intelligent warehouse management system of RFID technology is in the traditional warehouse management work and processes to join the RFID terminal equipment and electronic tags, to achieve data collection and complete the warehouse operations management. From the warehouse management of the core process: storage - library operations - out of the wearehouse - return and inventory control to achieve more efficient and accurate management. Effectively control and track the warehouse business logistics and cost management of the whole process, to achieve a sound enterprise warehousing information management.

RFID technology with long read distance, fast read speed, read many dates at the same time, not easy to damage, big data capacity and other bar code can not achieve the characteristics. RFID can simplify the warehouse of the complex operating processes effectively, enhance the efficiency and transparency of enterprise information management. At the same time.In the meantime,the system integrates a variety of hardware solutions to meet the needs of different users, through the use of different technical means to achieve effective workflow improvement and improve work efficiency. Finally we meet enterprise and organization in the required information, intelligent, modern needs, to help customers start the transformation of wisdom.


System composition

1Basic data systemsuppliersdepartmentcommodity categorygoods type


2Warehouse managementsouring,warehousing


3Out of the warehouse managementdepartment of collarOut of the warehouse statistics


4Inventory check


5Special process


6System set up

The advantage of warehouse system

l  Non-contact data acquisition and RF tag read / write operations.

l  High recognition rate, adaptability, resistance to light, temperature, humidity, dust, grease, chemical reagents.

l  Suitable for all industries in a special environment reasons.

l  Automatic identification, information sharing and tracking.

l  Reduce labor cost,more safety and more effective.