RFID Solution

RFID TAG product category

RFID technology products derived from about three major categories: passive RFID products, active RFID products, semi active RFID products.

Passive RFID product development earliest, is also the most mature development, the most widely used products. For example, the bus card, canteen meal card, bank card, hotel access card, the two generation ID card and so on, this in our daily life can be seen everywhere, belong to the close contact type recognition class. The main working frequency of its products are low frequency 125KHZ, high frequency 13.56MHZ, UHF 433MHZ, UHF 915MHZ.

Active RFID products have developed slowly in recent years, and their long distance automatic identification has determined their huge application space and market potential. In the field of remote automatic identification, such as intelligent prisons, intelligent hospitals, intelligent parking, intelligent transportation, smart city, intelligent earth and networking, and other fields have important applications. Active RFID has sprung up in this field, and it belongs to the automatic identification class of long distance. The main working frequency of the product is UHF 433MHZ, microwave, 2.45GHZ and 5.8GHZ.

Active RFID products and passive RFID products, their different characteristics, determine the different application areas and different application patterns, but also have their respective advantages. But in this system, we introduce the semi active RFID products between active RFID and passive RFID, active RFID and passive RFID set the product advantages in one, in the entrance of import management, personnel positioning, location management, perimeter management, electronic fence security alarm and other fields have a great advantage.

Semi active RFID products, combined with active RFID products and passive RFID products advantages, in the low-frequency 125KHZ frequency trigger, so that microwave 2.45G advantage. Semi active RFID technology, also called low activation trigger technology, using low frequency close precision positioning, microwave remote identification and upload data to solve the active RFID and passive RFID simply no way to achieve the function of. To put it simply, it is to activate, locate, remotely identify and upload data at close range.