RFID Solution

RFID Tag real time positioning

The real-time positioning system can improve the transparency of the supply chain, [8], fleet management, logistics and fleet safety. RFID tags can solve the short distance, especially indoor object positioning, can make up for GPS and other positioning system can only be applied to outdoor large range of deficiencies. GPS positioning, mobile phone positioning, coupled with RFID short-range positioning means, together with wireless means of communication, you can achieve the whole tracking and monitoring of the location of the article. The standards being worked out are:

ISO/IEC 24730-1 application programming interface API, which standardizes the RTLS service function, together with the access method, is designed to make it easy for the application to access the RTLS system, independent of the RTLS's low-level air interface protocol.

RTLS air interface protocol for 2450MHz ISO/IEC 247302. It standardizes a network positioning system that transmits a radio beacon using an RTLS transmitter, and the receiver calculates the position based on the received beacon signals. Many parameters of the transmitter can be configured remotely and in real time.

RTLS air interface protocol for 433MH ISO/IEC 247303. The content is similar to the second part.