RFID Solution

RFID Tag Solution of Library Management

System Description

As the library’s a wide variety, a huge number of borrowing and other characteristics of fast turnover, the traditional management needs to spend a lot of manpower and resources. Its intelligent management of the urgent need for a more complete system solutions.

RFID solution is the library from the pure manual management of the transition to the use of bar code recognition, computer networks, computer software, digital management model. In view of the book's self-help borrowed, the rapid inventory of books, find, chaotic books such as finishing the library to further improve the management and service level.


System composition

Using RFID electronic tag technology to achieve automatic data collection function, combined with the database and software management system to achieve library self-borrowing, book inventory, books shelves, book search, book security, loan management, library card issuance, collection information statistics The The system based on RFID technology to RFID middleware for the media to achieve the advanced RFID technology and library management methods of organic integration for the management of the library provides a very effective means of technology, advanced RFID technology, database technology, with the book Management system organically combine to provide readers with more convenient and quick book borrowing books, inquiries and other services such as intelligent services, while readers of information and borrow books to record the dual information, and to achieve the unified management of the entire information process.




1.       RFID tags use longer life than regular barcodes and magnetic stripe.

2.       Inventory of the library, can reduce the burden on the administrator, effectively improve the efficiency.

3.       With the reader self-help book return function, reduce the workload of the administrator, improve the library service grade.

4.       Automatically read the book by borrowing the situation, effectively prevent books stolen.