RFID Solution

RFID Tag Solution of Supermarket

System Description

Many customers have been accustomed to buying a variety of daily necessities in the supermarket, but the current efficiency of the supermarket is not high. First in the checkout waiting to pay to the long queue. Then the supermarket inventory requires a lot of labor.

Intelligent supermarket is an example of applying RFID technology to retail industry. It reduces the cost of supermarkets by integrating RFID technology, wireless network technology, software development technology and embedded development technology in inventory management, sales management, logistics and distribution. Cargo customers on the consumer side of the response efficiency, and to the customer with a better user experience, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, the real supply chain to consumer demand-oriented mode of operation, creating a consumer Leading retail relationship.


System composition


Intelligent supermarket system consists of four modules:

(1) RFID to achieve storage, a library, which will check the time down to the second level.

(2) WIFI or two-dimensional code joint mobile phone and server to achieve product positioning navigation.

(3) single-chip and RFID to achieve anti-theft function.

(4) two-dimensional code joint mobile phone to achieve supply channel query function.


The advantage of RFID for supermarket

1. Improve the influence of the supermarket and competitiveness, making a supermarket brand in the fierce competition in an invincible position.

2. Rich consumer shopping experience, provide consumers with goods shelves route.

3. Intelligently help consumers checkout, speed up checkout, save time and improve efficiency.

4. So that consumers more easily understand the price of goods and other information, according to consumer spending habits in the past recommended goods.

5. When the goods expire or the price changes in time to automatically update the electronic label information to remind the administrator and the consumer.