RFID Solution

RFID wine anti - counterfeiting traceability solutions

Program background

In recent years, the market fake wine shoddy, to the old mix of new and other chaos frequency is now. At the same time, due to the lack of authoritative industry experts and strict certification standards, so the consumer rights difficult. Subject to a wide range of alcohol products, it is difficult to establish a unified standard of judgment. Illegal elements driven by profits, still through a variety of ways to fake fake. Fake and shoddy wine products into the market, consumers become the most direct victims, usually spent a lot of money but bought a low-quality wine; fake and shabby liquor products for well-known wine manufacturers, on the one hand will affect the enterprise Of the reputation, on the other hand will also have a certain impact on the sales of enterprises.

In view of the current situation of anti-counterfeiting of liquor manufacturers, we have built anti-counterfeit solutions based on NFC technology for alcohol manufacturers to ensure that each bottle of wine has a unique "identity card" - the world's first and exclusive patent NFC encryption Chip, the latest development of this chip DID random dynamic ciphertext, data encryption transmission, anti-counterfeiting and other new technologies, consumers through the NFC function with the phone to check the authenticity of wine.

Chip introduction

Completely independent research and development of anti-counterfeit NFC chip design;

Support ISO14443 TypeA communication protocol;

Full support for NFC NDEF data storage format;

High security, the use of a variety of security algorithms;

Maintain national information security, built - in national commercial password algorithm;

Breakthrough chip-level dynamic ID generation technology;

Data is stored for up to 30 years.

Security chip user data area recordable (NFC)

Raw materials Production batch, timeProduction workers, team leader, bartender, etc .

The area to be sold.

Box Data User Data Area Recordable (UHF-RFID).

The unique identifier (UID) of each bottle of wine in the box.

Production batch, time.

The area to be sold.

From the production workshop to the end user of the whole process of logistics traceability records.

Program advantage

1.The uniqueness of NFC anti - counterfeit labels. Each of the NFC anti-counterfeit labels provided by Jingtong Technology has a unique global serial number, and uses DID random dynamic ciphertext, data encryption transmission, anti-counterfeiting and other new technologies, label information can not be copied. In addition NFC anti-counterfeit labels using fragile material to ensure that the label can not be transferred;

2.Convenient security check. NFC-based anti-counterfeiting query system, making the security query becomes more convenient: the NFC function android phone near the bottle on the NFC security label (phone is online), the phone can show the authenticity of wine information ;

3.NFC security labels can carry a wealth of information. In addition to verifying the authenticity of wine information, you can also read the wine and other relevant information: manufacturers of information, production date, origin, specifications and so on.