RFID Solution

RFID Wristband Solution of Swimming Pool

System Description

In the swimming pool, the tourists are almost all wearing a swimsuit in the water or water to play. This requires a way for visitors to provide more convenience and more generous services. RFID technology is gradually out of the traditional key / bar code access control technology, intelligent access and non-contact payment to become the preferred technology. This solves the worries of tourists. Visitors do not have to worry about the safe storage of wallet and room card, RFID wrist strap can act as a tourist wallet and electronic room card.


System composition


The main swimming pool RFID solution devide into 4 parts:

Member management system, consumption management system, venue management system, swimming pool management system.


The advantage of RFID swimming pool solution.

1.       According to the climate and personal preferences automatically adjust the water temperature, water level

2.       Control the automatic circulation of the pump, monitor the water quality of the swimming pool, avoid the trouble of manual operation, in order to achieve the best water quality and cleanliness of the water to provide the most reliable way

3.       RFID wristbands can automatically connect the adjustment to improve the pool PH, ORP value.

4.       As locker key and identity integration,easy to carry.