RFID Solution

RFID Wristband Solution of Ticket

System Description

Now, RFID tags have been widely used in all walks of life, in the ticket verification, through the RFID tags combined with handheld terminals, businesses will achieve on-site credit card, verification and other information technology, but also according to the different needs of businesses RFID tags secondary Development, to facilitate business management. Will be scenic, park tickets made RFID tag card, this type of tickets are usually as a scenic spot, the park's annual ticket or monthly ticket for sale. RFID tag tickets can be scanned to identify, the data memory capacity, wear resistance, pollution, reusable, small size and high security advantages; therefore, the use of RFID tags as tickets, just a few seconds to complete Verification of a visitor's face information.


System composition


The RFID solution of tickets devide into 4 parts.


Selling tickets system

Ticket monitoring system

Booth audience record system

Statistical analysis system

The advantage of RFID Ticket

1.The handheld devices as a ticket checking tool, convenient and flexible, simple and quick, to ensure smooth admission.

2.The chip has the world's only code that can prevent fake tickets.

3.You can view the ticket status, statistics, and analysis reports at any time.

4.Can be timely statistics of the entrance of the number of visitors to the entrance.

5.Low price with high work efficiency.