RFID Solution

The function of RFID Wristbands

Medical profession

Can first determine the injury situation wristbands chip patients, at the scene of the disaster victims in many cases, the wristband scanning, a doctor can determine which patients need surgery for the first time, which patients can go to the rear for treatment. By scanning in advance to the mobile chip in the hospital information can help doctors determine the operation plan in advance, arriving at the mobile hospital after surgery, for the first time to know in disaster relief every second save can save many lives. After preliminary calculations, this set of "wristband surgery" system, the traditional disaster operation efficiency can be raised [2] more than 3 times higher.

Kindergarten safety

The birth of the kindergarten fine management system is crucial, and it combines the RFID related products with the voice synthesis technology (TTS Technology) solution, that is, RFID cartoon wristband label personnel positioning system.

Add locator in the reader and RFID wrist tag, and embedded speech synthesis chip, wrist tag to the position information of ID information and accurate feedback to the locator in the computer system through the reader, and then processed by the system can clearly reflect a little friend, can also set up ahead of time information with voice prompt function remind inform. RFID readers are installed in various locations, such as doorways, channels, and remote corners of the kindergarten, to receive information from all electronic labels in the area.