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The intelligent IC card making technology - glue

Glue card into our eyes should enter into public view from the city since the beginning of Calvino card, the card has Calvino City glue every kind of shapes and patterns, let one of the young people to catch up with the trend of good love, then there are many want to buy glue card but do not know how to call this process the young man said: "I want to do that until the city IC card, until you know the city?" Fortunately, our company growth in Shanghai, the growth in this international metropolis, so the trend is concerned, in order to make after after the glue cards have a more comprehensive understanding, now Xiaobian I tell you about popular glue card of knowledge!

In fact, our common glue card and card not much difference, the difference exists only with ordinary card is in the IC card surface a layer of glue, can be soft, can also be a hard rubber, but we usually use hard glue, glue after the card usually thick glue card is about finished 4MM thick, other process and our ordinary card, can make the customer specified size, can also be the standard card, but generally do card shaped epoxy card will do a special pattern of relatively small shape, above a hole in a string or wear a keychain you can also use as accessories.