15 Minute Self-help Convenience Store Main Technology Using RFID

August 4, 2017 news, visit the alley feel Beijing taste, always one of my favorite things. So, the day before yesterday to listen to friends, in the second ring of the alley, away from the section of the Prime Minister Qiqi Rui not far from the abandoned soy sauce factory transformed into the East four sharing, there is one of the most popular nowadays no one supermarket They are determined to find out.


From Zhang Zizhong Road subway station down, the East four nine of the alley mouth, is for the entrepreneurial service sharing of office space - sharing, the entrance of the house, I quickly found a self-help convenience store The Here the office of the small partners said that usually hungry to eat snacks or drink, they always come to this, do not have to line up, do not wait, 30 seconds to buy away, than to the outside of the street convenience store Convenience.

Also mention that this is only 15 square meters of convenience stores, in addition to the common brand of soft drinks, biscuits, etc., the most rare is that there are many imported goods, such as Indonesia's puffed potato chips, Korean cookies, Olive oil, honey ... ... like a "sea Amoy small museum." In addition, there are young people will prefer some of the novelty gadgets, such as small sound, self-help KTV and the like.

The checkout process here is really easier than the traditional supermarket. The supermarket door is placed with a self-checkout machine, I took a bottle of oolong tea, the bar code will be aimed at the screen below the self-service scanning sweepers sweep, the goods immediately appeared on the screen, confirmed correct, select WeChat or Alipay payment, 30 seconds to complete the payment. If this new retail is not enough, that is currently selling are ready-to-eat goods, want to eat something hot in this can not be satisfied.

15 minute self-help convenience store CEO Liu Di told me that the core technology is no one is the radio RFID technology is RFID, RFID tags attached to the goods, set up at the exit of the reader, when the consumer through the door when the reader will receive To the RFID radio frequency signal, each signal corresponds to an ID, each ID corresponds to a commodity, effective reading range in a few centimeters to 3 meters. RFID technology, the normal recognition rate of 90%, when there may be occlusion or too much instantaneous goods, the recognition rate will decline.