Beijing Subway Support Brush Mobile Phone Station NFC Payment Can Counterattack?

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Card Company announced that the Beijing subway line support "brush mobile phone" stop, which is the use of mobile phone NFC function to make mobile phone and card terminal to interact, in order to achieve credit card.

It is understood that as early as 2010 Beijing began to achieve NFC mobile phone credit card business, operators of the NFC-SIM card model that is to achieve business. After about 2015, Samsung, millet, Huawei and other end-end mode of the NFC bus card has achieved the application of the Beijing area. Therefore, the Beijing Metro NFC mobile phone credit card station has been able to.

In addition, along with the promotion, the Beijing subway released a list of detailed models to support the mobile phone subway bus, indicating that many mobile phone models are to support "NFC-SIM" mode or support mobile phone built-in "eSE" mode. Bus card of the promotion and set off a new round of NFC and two-dimensional code of the technical dispute.

NFC bus credit card experience better

In the field of payment, NFC technology and two-dimensional code technology is only in the front-end near-field payment technology is different from the background of the technology is exactly the same, the two technical disputes in the front.

NFC technology is a short-range high-frequency radio technology, operating at 13.56MHz frequency of 10 cm distance, it is by non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) evolved; two-dimensional code, also known as QR Code, A specific geometric pattern according to a certain law, in the plane (two-dimensional direction) distribution of black and white graphics recorded data symbol information.

In the bus interchange scene, NFC user experience better. For example, NFC card card can be better to simplify the process. If you use the two-dimensional code for card payment, you need to wake up the phone, open the APP and call out the sweep function can be paid, and the use of NFC payment can be directly out of the phone, no wake-up operation can communicate.

In addition, in terms of security, NFC is better than the two-dimensional code performance better Two-dimensional code based on image recognition technology, NFC is a radio frequency technology, can effectively prevent the forgery of two-dimensional code to the user's losses. In addition, NFC technology communication has two-way authentication, data encryption and other means to achieve the financial level of security level, which is two-dimensional code one-way communication, limited information can not be achieved.

In the NFC industry to promote, CUP and operators have been actively promoting the popularity of NFC technology. China UnionPay has been promoting the "cloud flash", and China Mobile as early as the first half of 2013 in Beijing launched the NFC mobile phone wallet business, focusing on the bus line NFC credit card and other projects for commercial trial.

QR code to pay the terminal threshold lower

At the beginning of the birth of NFC technology, mobile phone pixels are relatively low, still can not achieve sweep code payment, but with the mobile phone pixel is getting higher and higher, more and more popular Internet APP, two-dimensional code usage continues to improve. The current mobile payment market share higher mobile payment or two-dimensional code.

IiMedia Research data show that in the first half of 2017, 65.4% mobile payment users prefer to use Alipay to pay off the line, 32.3% of users prefer WeChat payment, and Alipay and WeChat are using two-dimensional code to pay.

NFC payment requires both the user to replace the SIM card, but also need to replace the POS terminal manufacturers, shopping malls cashier also need to be trained to operate. In contrast, the two-dimensional code to pay, the phone only need enough pixels to support APP, you can always scan the payment, the user at the time of payment, only need to scan the following businesses to print the two-dimensional code, or by the supermarket cashier equipment sweep the user's second Dimensional code, you can achieve payment.

The convenience of the two-dimensional code makes the cash-free payment under the line is more popular, and now any street on the street or food market will be posted their own two-dimensional code, the user sweep can pay, greatly facilitate the user's transaction.

Therefore, in my opinion, NFC and two-dimensional code of the two payment methods have their own advantages, the future may be complementary development. NFC large transactions may be a certain risk, it can be used to some extent in the small amount of fast payment, and two-dimensional code can be used to pay the advantages of low terminal threshold, better popular line applications.