DENSO Release Mini RFID Scanner

Denso recently released the new pocket scanner SE1-BUB-C, will help to achieve short-range, one-on-one RFID applications. Denso is a subsidiary of the Toyota Group, the inventor of QR code, to provide mobile data solutions and equipment for the retail industry.

SE1-BUB-C is the company's latest scanners and handheld terminal products. The scanner has built-in RFID technology for short-range RFID tag applications. It can be easily connected to smartphones and tablets and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. The scanner weighs about 70 grams.


Denso Auto-ID business manager assistant Sina Haupt said: "The best scanning distance is about 3 cm, while the actual reading distance depends on the RFID tag. The SE1-BUB-C provides a unique short distance reading experience, which is other For large-scale development of high-output RFID scanners can not be achieved. "

The scanner avoids misreading of other nearby RFID tags. The scanner can simply connect to other Bluetooth devices via the scan setup code. "The product offers a lot of performance," says Haupt, "for example, users can use the scanner for inventory and customer service at the same time, which helps store employees access information and improve the customer experience."

In addition, SE1-BUB-C also provides conversion of SGTIN-96 to EAN codes for RFID tags. The reader can be used to read bar codes and RFID tags. "With SE1-BUB-C, the setup will be greatly simplified, so employees can quickly read RFID tags and inventory them at the same time as customer service," Haupt said. "