Dutch Non-contact Payments Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

The Dutch Transfer Payment Union figures show that the trend of using contactloos betalen continues to rise, with no contact payments reaching 113 million in June.

In the Netherlands, contactless payment refers to the use of bank cards or smart phones, to the special payment machine on the "sweep" look, do not need to press the password, do not need physical contact to achieve the payment, 2013 began a preliminary implementation, from the bank card Start, there is amount limit.

In February of 2016, the Netherlands did not touch the payment of all payment of the number of 1/8, but in February this year, up to 1/4, and in June, more to 1 /3.

The transfer payment union says that the monthly growth rate is 5% to 10%.

In addition to the use of bank cards, in recent years also developed to use the phone, which must be installed NFC chip. There are 27 million mobile phones can be no contact payment, compared with the time in February increased by 70,000. The Federation estimates that the end of the year will increase to 400,000.

As for why there is no universal payment of mobile payment, transfer payment federation that this and wireless communications providers and major mobile phone companies failed to match the relevant. For example, iPhone, only installed specifically to buy Apple products NFC chip, other banks can not enter.

However, the Dutch bank is also inventing their own products, such as ABN-Amro Bank and the British company Kerv cooperation, developed a payment function of the ring. This ring contains a bank accepted NFC chip, there are different sizes to choose from, as long as wearing on the fingers, close to the payer, hear the response to the sound, to achieve the purpose of payment. It is said that this chip is still in the experimental stage, but can be used in almost all of the daily necessities.