NEPS Release RFID Systems For Medical Applications

Technology solutions provider NEPS has announced the launch of a suite of software tools, GreenSun, to enhance and simplify the medical and rehabilitation industry laboratories, factories and product labels. Using GreenSun, growers, laboratories and pharmacies can produce dynamic color labels as needed.

Using barcodes and RFID technology, GreenSun provides the entire lifecycle specification and control. This allows the tracking and auditing process to be easier, allowing sensitive materials and their processing areas to be regulated. GreenSun also provides a time module to implement real-time, dynamic tag output for disaster protection.


GreenSun is the latest addition to the NEPS Health e-Connect product line. "We take full advantage of the development and installation experience of hundreds of medical facilities across the country and apply it to new products," said Bob Wickham, general manager of the company.

GreenSun can be integrated with any data source, including POS systems or ERP systems, and can create dynamic color labels when needed. The system is hostable and available online and provides a flexible, scalable architecture to simplify compliance tracking, border control, mobility and wireless capabilities.