RFID Healthcare,Internet + Build Xuancheng Wisdom Pension

An electronic tag will be able to achieve real-time positioning of the elderly, with a watch will be able to carry out real-time monitoring of the health of the elderly, which is the development of Anhui Xuancheng recently intelligent pension system, an effective solution to the elderly care safety, health, Regulatory problems.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the degree of aging, the whole city over the age of 70 there are tens of thousands of people, due to poor facilities, lack of manpower, the elderly are often not all-round care. Xuancheng mobile with 4G network advantage to develop the "Internet + wisdom pension" integrated management platform, Xuancheng City is the first smart pension project. This platform to monitor the alarm system, public address system, information release system, audio and video publishing system as the basis, through the electronic label can carry out real-time positioning and dangerous warning to the elderly, intelligent watch, smart mattress, intelligent bedside trinity combination The elderly health care system, the elderly health information can be real-time monitoring and through the system directly to the corresponding health care workers.


Responsible for the "wisdom of the old" project Xuancheng mobile government and enterprise customer product manager Yang Hui Sheng said that this integrated service platform is the resources of the pension agencies for the integration of information, the main way to use the past management into a smart Of the platform management. At present the city has more than 1,000 elderly people benefit from the wisdom of the pension system.

"Now in the nursing home are more convenient in all aspects of the last time I was in the hospital activities accidentally fell through the smart watch on a SOS button call, health care workers soon came over." Xuancheng welfare center An old man said.