RFID Tag Technical Standard

As early as in 1990s, ISO/IEC has begun to formulate the container standard ISO 10374 standard, and later developed the container electronic official standard ISO 18185, animal management standard ISO, 11784/5, ISO 14223 and so on. With the application of RFID becomes more and more widely, ISO/IEC recognized the need for common requirements involved in different application fields and attributes to develop common technical standards, and not every application of the technical standards completely independent development, common technical standards, this is a day.

In the formulation of logistics and supply chain ISO 17363~17367 series standards, the direct reference to ISO/IEC 18000 series standards. Provide general technical standard is a basic framework, and application of standard of its complement and specific provisions, such as ensuring the RFID technology in different application domains with interoperability and interoperability, but also take into account the characteristics of applications, it can well meet the application specific requirements. The difference between the application of technical standards and the user application system, the application of technical standards for the common attributes of a large class of application systems, and the user application system for a specific application. If you think of generic technology standards as a base class, you can use the technical standards as a derived class, if you compare them with object oriented analysis ideas.