Shenzhen No One Convenience Store Business RFID And AI Technical Contest

To Ami Amoy coffee, colorful box led by no one convenience store set off a new era of retail, but also encountered after landing the test of various problems. But it is foreseeable that no one has been convenience store outlet has come.

It is understood that August 8 Shenzhen ushered in the first unacceptable shop "Well GO", by the Shenzhen veteran retailer Rainbow shares Yuanwang Valley together to build, which mainly provides, including merchandise management, into the store, pay and leave Shop and other aspects of the relevant RFID (radio frequency identification) products and related supporting software.

Well GO "area of 12 square meters, to members of the exclusive form of operation. Consumers first registered as a member of the Rainbow, with WeChat or Rainbow shares APP" Hong scarf "sweep into the store, buy goods on the settlement area, scan the end of the checkout area Screen two-dimensional code to identify identity, with WeChat, Alipay or Hong Kong scarf self-checkout.

"Well GO" key technology for the FRID chip. All items in the store are affixed with labels containing FRID chips. According to the convenience store staff, the goods placed in the settlement area, the system through the FRID chip to identify such goods, consumers complete the payment after the chip "degaussing". Consumers through the sensor area, carrying "eliminate magnetic" goods or do not carry any goods before leaving.

RFID technology is one of the important technologies of unmanned retail. When the concept of "unmanned retail", the Asahi Valley as a related target from the benefit, since July the company's share price has pulled out a number of daily limit. The opening of "Well GO" is the first floor of the Nobunaga Valley retail project.

In fact, no one retail is not only a technical means of RFID. Sohu Securities, a research report pointed out that, in addition to RFID chips, the current two non-retail routes were artificial intelligence schools and Internet genre, artificial intelligence representatives for the Amazon Go, Ali Amoy Coffee, Take Go, the main use Machine vision, depth learning algorithm, sensor fusion technology, convolution neural network, biometrics and other technologies; Internet genre representatives to facilitate the bee, small e micro shop, the main use of two-dimensional code to complete the identification of goods.

Different routes of technical means have their own advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, RFID chip to promote checkout fast, wide application, but accused of high cost, RFID chip monolithic price of 0.4 yuan, while the convenience store a single product price is only 2 yuan, RFID chip load more High cost; artificial intelligence genre facing a relatively single species of goods, anti-theft technology still need to improve and other issues; Internet genre was accused of shopping process is more cumbersome, and traditional retail little difference.

Although the above three technologies are not the same, but the goal is to reduce the cost of labor to maximize the cost of shops. So, the same area of convenience stores, unmanned retail operating costs are really lower than the traditional way of sales? In this regard, the reporter would like to understand the operating costs of the relevant system Xu Xiaonan, which is currently inconvenient to disclose.