Smart Wardrobe Big Role! Not Only When The Nanny Can Do Stylist

As the saying goes, lazy is the first driving force to promote human progress, washing machines, sweeping machines and more machines are invented more and more treatment of our lazy cancer, and a can automatically ironing, sorting, finishing clothes wardrobe is the human Lazy push a new peak.

This smart wardrobe is called ThreadRobe, the appearance and ordinary wardrobe is no different, but after opening the cave, it is a bottom of a similar drum washing machine drying device, washing clothes and wardrobe matching RFID tags can be directly into the , The closet will dry all the clothes, built-in sensor can identify the clothes on the label, and then different types of clothing for classification of storage.

When you need access, ThreadRobe wardrobe will automatically provide steam to the user after ironing. For different types of clothing, ThreadRobe ironing temperature is also different, in order to avoid the different clothing due to improper ironing temperature caused by damage.

At the same time, ThreadRobe smart wardrobe also has a matching app, the user can take pictures of all the clothes after the sort, the default week with the clothing, the system will be based on the color of clothing, printing and other effective advice with the morning to work no longer rummaging , Even the iron are saved.