Smart RFID Wristband Keep Health

Many people think that sports are boring, but in fact, many digital products can make sports more enjoyable. Smart wristband is a product that can make our sports more fun and bring more convenience to our daily life.

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Heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, training records and so on are all the smart wristbands that can be done nowadays, and selecting a full-featured wristband can make you combine sports and life together.

A practical and intimate smart wristband can be used as a gift to send to friends and family, it not only have the value, but also have connotations. Phone call reminder, social information push, private business reminding. Smart wristband always can give meticulous care. It is a private doctor, all-weather monitoring and recording of sleep quality, dynamic heart rate. At the same time it is also a personal trainer, the motion real-time data recording and supervise the completion of sports target. Raise hands can light up the screen, synchronous weather, IP68 waterproof and so on is be nothing difficult.

Smart wristbands built-in low-power Bluetooth module, you can connect with phone, tablet, PC client, you can set height, weight, stride and other information and upload anytime, anywhere exercise data. In addition, the smart wristbands also has social networking sharing features, such as users can sleep quality, diet and exercise conditions and mood records through the Weibo and other social networking sites to share.

Whenever fatigue reminder time, smart wristbands will be reminded in the form of alarm clock to rest, suitable for high-pressure office crowd, the design is very humane.

In use time, the smart wristbands built a lithium polymer battery, battery life of up to 10 days, life is very strong.

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Smart wristbands can record your daily exercise volume, swimming and running, but also can collect sleep data, including sleep time, shallow sleep time, deep sleep time, and more scientific and reasonable understanding of their physical condition.

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