The Concept Of RFID TAG

Conceptually, RFID is similar to the bar code scanning, the bar code technology, it will have a bar code encoding attached to the object and use the special scanning reader using optical signal will be transmitted to the magnetic strip information by scanning the reader; and the RFID is used for the RFID reader and can be attached to the target RFID tag specialized, using frequency signal will be transmitted to the information from the RFID tag RFID reader.


Structurally, the RFID is a simple wireless system with only two basic components used to control, detect, and track objects. The system consists of an interrogator and many transponders.

Recent developments

Originally in the technical field, the transponder refers to the transmission of information reply information electronic module, in recent years, the rapid development of the radio frequency technology, the transponder has a new argument and meaning, also called smart tags or labels. RFID tag reader through the antenna and RFID electronic tags for wireless communication, you can achieve the tag identification code and memory data reading or writing operations. RFID technology can recognize high speed moving objects and recognize multiple tags simultaneously. It is quick and convenient to operate.

In the future, the rapid development of RFID technology is of great significance to the progress of the Internet of things.