Typical Applications Of RFID Tag

Logistics and supply chain management, manufacturing and assembly, aviation baggage handling, mail / express parcel, document tracking / library management, animal identification and movement time, access control / electronic tickets, automatic toll road, storage card, plastic tray, turnover basket medium

Read-write device

RFID can play its role only when there is a read-write device. RFID read-write device has RFID card reader, RFID read-write module and so on. These devices can read or write RFID data, the card reader connection identification system has a key chip, can do very good encryption.

radio frequency identification

RFID technology is a new automatic identification technology developed in the 1980s, radio frequency identification technology is a radio frequency signal through space coupling (alternating magnetic field or electromagnetic field) to achieve non-contact transmission of information through the message to identify the purpose of technology.