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  • RFID Hologram Smart Card

    Contact NowRFID Hologram Smart Cardsmart card help companies achieve measurable marketing objectives, build customer loyalty, grow membership and cultivate frequent flyers and buyers.Read More

  • Blank Printable125khz RFID Card

    Contact NowBlank Printable125khz RFID CardThe main applications: access control, time and attendance, meeting attendance, identification, logistics, industrial automation, various membership cards, such as Canteen, subway, bus tokens, cards, clubs and other consumer electronics, electronic tickets, animal identification, target...Read More

  • RFID Contactless Smart Hotel Key Card

    Contact NowRFID Contactless Smart Hotel Key CardIC card inductive short (M1 card), the IC ship and the sensor antenna, high temperature lamination process into the card. Mifare S50 thin card with the Philips radio frequency(NXP) original of the Mifare IC S50 chip, meet IEC/ISO 14443A air interface protocol. The advanced two-way data...Read More

  • Printing Plastic NFC Card

    Contact NowPrinting Plastic NFC CardRFID contactless card is a plastic or paper card which is embedded with a microchip and antenna inside, it is widely applied as access control card, employee ID card, hotel key card, parking card.Read More

  • 13.56MHz Contactless RFID Smart Card

    Contact Now13.56MHz Contactless RFID Smart Card13.56MHz contactless RFID smart card widely used in Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Clubs, Casinos, Beauty Parlors, Cakes Shops, Medical Clinics, Fitness Centers, Photography Shops, Advertisements, etc.Read More

  • Clamshell Smart Rfid Card

    Contact NowClamshell Smart Rfid CardWidely used in Access control System, Patrol system, Attendance system, Business management system, and etc. It can be customized to produce individualized business card, medical care card, member card, and etc.Read More