• Reusable Rfid Tag For Books
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    Reusable Rfid Tag For Books

    Reusable Rfid Tag support 4 color digital or offset custom printing (CMYK). Just provide your own artwork or company LOGO then we can make your desired customized Reusable Rfid Tag.Read More
  • RFID Keyfob Smart Coin
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    RFID Keyfob Smart Coin

    Keyfob tags are becoming increasingly popular for Access Control since these tags also provide the dual function of being a "Key Chain" for your own keys such vehicle, home, office, and other types.Read More
  • RFID Animal ID Tag
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    RFID Animal ID Tag

    RFID Glass Tag is a special design for animals like pets or wildlife. It can be put under animals’ skin by a special syringe or via surgery. Also, it can be embedded in objects easy for an extreme condition because it’s high resistance glass tube.Read More
  • RFID Tag For Library
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    RFID Tag For Library

    The technology is a perfect fit for item-level authentication and asset tracking solutions in pharmaceutical and medical applications. Popular industry applications consist of library and rental item level tagging for automated self checkout and return of printed and digital media, as well as...Read More
  • UHF AZ-9610 3meter Range RFID Tag
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    UHF AZ-9610 3meter Range RFID Tag

    Stability for Chemical Properties, environmental protection, waterproof, no peculiar smell, heat resistance & anti-abrasive material, no crack, long service life, soft but no deformation,do not stimulate the skin.Read More
  • UHF ISO18000-6C Anti Metal RFID Tags
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    UHF ISO18000-6C Anti Metal RFID Tags

    We can use the UHF ISO18000-6C Anti Metal RFID Tags for Warehouse Management;IT Asset Management;Facility Management;Metal Objects Management; Metal surface asset management in narrow mounting position and so on.Read More
  • Small RFID Tag For Animal Managment
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    Small RFID Tag For Animal Managment

    Small RFID Tag For Animal Managment are most often implanted in animals. When scanning dogs and cats, begin in the neck area where the RFID Tag is most likely to be located, but be sure to scan slowly and patiently. Scan repeatedly and over the entire body to ensure whether or not a RFID Tag can...Read More
  • UHF RFID Tag For Book Management
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    UHF RFID Tag For Book Management

    RFID Tag is also called RFID sticker or RFID Lable. It can be widely for Library, logistic, payment management and many other application. In order to suit various application, DTB offers RFID tag in different shape and different chips. The size of RFID tag can be designed according to your...Read More
  • 125khz RFID Pigeon Ring Chip
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    125khz RFID Pigeon Ring Chip

    It is widely used to identify birds, consumer electronics, product identification, animal management, food traceability, avian breeding, rearing / epidemic prevention and control, pigeon racing and quarantine of animals and birds of information management and track use, mainly to provide animals...Read More
  • Waterproof 125khz RFID Key Fob
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    Waterproof 125khz RFID Key Fob

    ABS RFID Key Fob Tag Our principles: - Pursuing the top quality and service is our continuous target. - Entire supervision and timely feedback are our basic responsibility.Read More
  • Washable UHF Laundry RFID Tags
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    Washable UHF Laundry RFID Tags

    This tag is dedigned for management of customized products.It is composed of silicone material,and a small chip inside,The products has the advantages of small volune,easy to use.Read More
  • Round chip sticker label
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    Round chip sticker label

    NFC tag is a small passive device which contains a tiny microchip attached to a small loop antenna. When the tag is scanned by an NFC reader such as a mobile phone, it powers up and wirelessly transfers information such as a web address, text or a command for an App. The NFC tag can be locked so...Read More
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